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Service portal - Environment & nature

Erlangen is an environmental city - and not just since 2019, when the city declared a climate emergency. Environmental, nature and climate protection have long played a major role here. However, in order to effectively protect the atmosphere, flora and fauna, the soil and people from harmful influences, a lot of information, (funding) services and, of course, binding rules are needed. Here you will find everything you need to know - from species protection to environmental advice.

Service A-Z

Service, Animal husbandry, Animal transportation

Animal husbandry; implementation of animal welfare controls

According to the Animal Welfare Act, a large number of facilities and animal husbandries (e.g. livestock farms, slaughterhouses, laboratory animal facilities) must be regularly inspected to ensure compliance with legal animal welfare requirements.
Service, Application for an animal exhibition permit, Animal exhibitions, Animal exhibition permit, animal event, Cattle exhibitions, cattle shows

Animal show, animal exhibition, animal fair; notification or application for a permit

Animal shows, animal exhibitions, animal fairs and other animal events must be reported to or approved by the local district administrative authority.
Service, Animal welfare law

Animal welfare law; application for a certificate of competence or a certificate of proficiency

Competence tests, certificates of competence and certificates of proficiency ensure that the requirements of animal welfare legislation are complied with when keeping, slaughtering and transporting animals.
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Animal welfare permit; application

In accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act, certain animal husbandry and activities on or with animals require permits that are linked to the reliability and expertise of the operator and to species-appropriate animal husbandry.
Service, Dangerous animals, Fighting dogs, Animal welfare order

Animal welfare; arrangement

In the event of violations of the Animal Welfare Act, district administrative authorities must take measures and, if necessary, issue orders.
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Service, Online service, Criminal offense, Cruelty to animals, unjustified killing of animals

Animal welfare; notification of an administrative offense

Administrative offenses under the Animal Welfare Act are prosecuted and punished.
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Animals and goods of animal origin; monitoring of trade

Monitoring the trade in animals and goods of animal origin is the task of the official veterinarians at the district offices and serves to ensure compliance with animal disease, animal welfare and food law regulations.

Bannwald; explanation

Bannwald is a forest that is irreplaceable due to its location, especially in urban agglomerations and sparsely wooded areas. This forest provides a more balanced urban climate, offers recreational space and has a positive effect on the water and air balance.
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Bicycle traffic; application for municipal funding

Municipalities can promote cycling. For example, they can grant a subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle.
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Broadband expansion; application for the laying or modification of a telecommunications line in the public road network

If a telecommunications company wishes to use public road land for the laying of telecommunications lines or the modification of existing lines, it must apply for approval in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.

Service, Cable TV, Public sewer system, public road network, Telephone network, Water supply network, gas supply network, electricity supply network

Building area; information on development

Development is the responsibility of the municipality unless it is the responsibility of another party in accordance with other statutory provisions or obligations under public law.


Civil protection; warning the population

If necessary, the security and disaster control authorities warn the population likely to be affected by a disaster or large-scale hazard situation and, if necessary, issue instructions on what to do.

Latest news

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Bicycle lanes in Erlangen

In Erlangen, ten bicycle lanes have been designated so far, for which new guidelines for uniform design have now been adopted.

Parking lot sign.
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Parking in Erlangen

In public parking lots in the city centre, charges will be one euro for the first half hour from March. For each additional hour, the charge will be 2.60 euros per hour. The fee for the large parking lot is 1.50 euros per hour.

Water runs in hand.

Save on wastewater charges

Use deductible water quantities: For water that is used on the property and not discharged into the sewer (e.g. garden water), no waste water fee has to be paid.

heat planning, municipal heat planning, heat, heat turnaround, district heating, gas heating, gas, heating

Information on municipal heat planning in Erlangen

Progressive climate change, dependence on energy imports and rising energy costs require a fundamental change in the way we use energy. The city of Erlangen has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality in the urban area as quickly as possible. In the climate crisis, this is a necessary step for local, regional and global sustainable development.

Helping to shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen, Climate awakening, Climate awakening, Environment, Sustainability, Climate target, Climate budget

Climate awakening

Erlangen wants to achieve climate neutrality across the entire city by 2030. A unique project has been launched to achieve this. With the "Climate Awakening Roadmap", an entire city has been setting out since fall 2022 to make its contribution to curbing global warming.
Shape Erlangen

Erlangen wastewater treatment plant - expansion concept 2030: elimination of trace substances

The existing wastewater treatment process leaves trace substances from pharmaceuticals and personal care products as well as certain industrial and household chemicals almost completely in the treated wastewater. A 4th purification stage is necessary to treat the wastewater accordingly before it flows back into the Regnitz.
Shape Erlangen

Sustainability and Climate Center

The "Sustainability and Climate Center" (working title) is intended to create a central point of contact for all Erlangen residents who are interested in climate protection, want to find out more or get involved.