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Service portal - Economy, companies & start-ups section

Erlangen is a business city with many small, medium-sized and globally active companies. They need fast and reliable information and support so that they can do business here efficiently. Here, companies can find everything they need for successful business.

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Business start-ups; advice and support

You can find out about advice and funding opportunities for start-ups via the "Gründerland Bayern" portal and, for example, from the district administrative authorities.

Commercial settlement; designation of commercial areas

Cities and municipalities designate industrial estates and create the conditions for companies and businesses to settle here.
Service, Advice on location issues, Commercial space and real estate, Information events, Creation of new jobs, Location development

Economic development; information on municipal funding opportunities

Districts and municipalities can support investment projects by foreign or domestic investors in the region.

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Service, Online service

Food business operators; notification of establishments for registration

If you, as a food business operator, carry out activities related to the production, processing and distribution of food (including e-commerce), you must register with the competent district administrative authority.

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Accelerated skilled worker procedure; application

Companies and skilled workers from third countries can shorten the entry procedure using the accelerated skilled worker procedure, provided they have a concrete job offer. Companies require the authorization of the foreign skilled worker to apply.

Service, VHS

Adult education center; enactment of user regulations

Municipalities and administrative districts can issue user regulations or statutes for the adult education center in their area.
Service, VHS

Adult education center; payment of fees

As a rule, there is a charge for attending courses and using the Adult Education Center's facilities.
Service, African swine fever, ASP, Designation of companies, Cold storage, Slaughterhouse, Processing plant, Cutting plant

African swine fever; application for designation by food company

If you wish to slaughter, cut and process a pig from the restricted zones or store the meat and meat products in the event of an outbreak of African swine fever, you must apply for the establishment to be designated.

Service, Animal by-products - disposal of animal carcasses, disposal of animal carcasses

Animal by-products; application for establishment approval

Companies for the use, storage, treatment and disposal of animal by-products may require an approval with the assignment of an individual approval number, depending on the activity.

Animal by-products; monitoring of disposal

The district administrative authorities are also involved in the monitoring and disposal of animal by-products by monitoring and advising the relevant businesses.
Service, Application for an animal exhibition permit, Animal exhibitions, Animal exhibition permit, animal event, Cattle exhibitions, cattle shows

Animal show, animal exhibition, animal fair; notification or application for a permit

Animal shows, animal exhibitions, animal fairs and other animal events must be reported to or approved by the local district administrative authority.
Service, Animal welfare law

Animal welfare law; application for a certificate of competence or a certificate of proficiency

Competence tests, certificates of competence and certificates of proficiency ensure that the requirements of animal welfare legislation are complied with when keeping, slaughtering and transporting animals.
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Service, Online service, Authorization of activities requiring a permit in the animal welfare sector, Animal welfare

Animal welfare permit; application

In accordance with Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act, certain animal husbandry and activities on or with animals require permits that are linked to the reliability and expertise of the operator and to species-appropriate animal husbandry.
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Animals and goods of animal origin; monitoring trade

Monitoring the trade in animals and goods of animal origin is the task of the official veterinarians at the district offices and serves to ensure compliance with animal disease, animal welfare and food law regulations.
Service, Meat, Slaughter animal

Ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection; implementation

The purpose of ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection is to ensure that only meat that is fit for human consumption is placed on the market.


Aquaculture operations; application for a permit or registration

If you breed, keep or rear fish, you are obliged to have your business registered or approved by your competent veterinary office without being asked.

News from the economy

Glass fiber
Broadband, Expansion, High-Speed, Glass fiber, Gigabit

Broadband supply in the city of Erlangen

Job, Career, Trade fair, Craft, Open-Air, Profession, Education, Castle square

Large open-air job and career fair in the city center

On June 15, 2024, the city center will be transformed into a large open-air career fair for one day.

Award, Price, Competition, International, Export, Industry, Craft, Trade, Service

International success stories wanted

Tell us about your success story in international business and inspire others. Apply for the Bavarian Export Award by July 31.

two women sit opposite each other and talk
Education, Education, Educational offer, Teenagers, Cancellation of training, Promotion, Mentor, Godfather, Parents

Prevention of training dropouts (VerA)

Initiative to help with training through training support

AI, Digitization, Consulting, Promotion, SMES

Digitization consulting day for SMEs

Helping to shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen

Expansion of the Dechsendorf fire station

The fire station in Dechsendorf is being extended. The aim of this is to maintain and improve the performance of the Dechsendorf volunteer fire department for the safety of citizens.