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Welcome to the City of Erlangen!

Results of the EU election and the referendum on the Stadt-Umland-Bahn

Who did the people of Erlangen vote for in the EU elections? How did they decide in the referendum?

Here are the results

Service in the town hall and digitally

We are there for you - on site and digitally. You do not need an appointment for the citizen service on the first floor of the town hall (applying for ID cards, re-registration, driving license matters, certificates of good conduct, vehicle registration). You can also visit the welcome desk of the Foreigners' Registration Office on the 2nd floor without an appointment. Otherwise, you must always make an appointment before visiting the town hall. However, many matters can also be dealt with by telephone or online without a personal appointment.

You can find an overview of on-site and online services in our service portal. You can also find out about waiting times for citizen services on the first floor of the town hall and about new services.

Service portal

Sometimes our offices and facilities have to close at short notice. In these cases, we will inform you in our service portal.

News from the town hall


Tip for the summer vacations: Check the validity of your ID card

No appointment is necessary to apply for new documents.

Lots of sheep and goats with a shepherd in a meadow.

Four-legged landscape conservationists on the parade ground

From Monday, June 17, sheep and goats will be taking care of the Exerzierplatz nature reserve. The hungry sheep and goats will keep the grass short. In this way, they maintain the habitat of the numerous plant and animal sand lovers.


First awards from the "Climate-neutral Erlangen Alliance"

The partners are making an active contribution to the implementation of the 41 measures in the city's roadmap to climate action. They have published these in the Climate City Contract.


Solstice bonfire - St. John's bonfire

Lighting fires requires compliance with a few important rules.

Event tips for the next few days

Whether exhibitions, festivals, offers for families, markets, sports and much more - Erlangen offers many opportunities for leisure activities. Let our weekly tips inspire you. You can find more events in Erlangen in our calendar of events or in the zoom:in app.