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Accelerated skilled worker procedure; application

Companies and skilled workers from third countries can shorten the entry procedure using the accelerated skilled worker procedure, provided they have a concrete job offer. Companies require the authorization of the foreign skilled worker to apply.


Accommodation services; implementation

The tourist offices of towns and municipalities can arrange local accommodation.
Service, Accommodation facility, Hotel, Registration office, Obligation to report, Registration form, Pension, Travel companies, Tour guide, Overnight stay

Accommodation; registration

If you are staying in an accommodation facility, e.g. a hotel or guesthouse, you or the tour guide for groups must sign a special registration form for accommodation facilities on the day of your arrival.

Service, municipal cost law, Administrative cost law

Administrative costs; cost collection in the municipality

Municipalities, counties, districts, special-purpose associations, other local authorities and institutions under public law may charge costs for official acts.
Service, Foster child, Foster parents, Adoption evaluation, adoption data protection information

Adoption; information on release

In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, the expectant mother may consider allowing adoption after the birth. A large number of mostly childless couples would like to adopt a child so that a future worth living can be achieved for as yet unborn children in this situation.
Service, African swine fever, ASP, Designation of companies, Cold storage, Slaughterhouse, Processing plant, Cutting plant

African swine fever; application for designation by food company

If you wish to slaughter, cut and process a pig from the restricted zones or store the meat and meat products in the event of an outbreak of African swine fever, you must apply for the establishment to be designated.

Service, Animal by-products - disposal of animal carcasses, disposal of animal carcasses

Animal by-products; application for establishment approval

Companies for the use, storage, treatment and disposal of animal by-products may require an approval with the assignment of an individual approval number, depending on the activity.

Animal by-products; monitoring of disposal

The district administrative authorities are also involved in the monitoring and disposal of animal by-products by monitoring and advising the relevant businesses.
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Animal transport; application for approval as a transport operator

If you want to transport animals, you need a license as a transport company before you start your activities. The application must be submitted to your competent veterinary office.

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Animal transport; application for approval of means of road transport

If you wish to use road transport vehicles commercially to transport animals for longer than 8 hours, you need a license for the means of transport from the competent veterinary office.

Service, Administrative law, Administrative procedure, Lodge an objection

Appeal procedure (optional); lodging an appeal

In some areas of law, the appeal procedure enables an internal administrative review of the initial decision.

Service, Completion aid, Acceptance of applications, Child benefit, Pension insurance

Application service; support from the municipality

The municipalities support their residents in initiating administrative procedures and have forms available for applications, notifications and reports provided to them by other authorities.

Auction; advertisement

If you wish to hold an auction, you must notify us in writing.
Service, Bathing, Bathing ban, Bathing regulations, No trespassing, Ice surfaces

Bathing, entering and driving on ice surfaces; issuing regulations

The State Criminal and Ordinance Act enables the municipalities and the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration to issue regulations on swimming and entering and driving on ice surfaces.

Service, Labeling, Labeling, Beef, Beef products, Beef Labeling Act

Beef labeling; monitoring

With the labeling of beef, a system of traceability for beef was created that applies in addition to the general provisions of food law and food labeling.

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Bicycle traffic; application for municipal funding

Municipalities can promote cycling. For example, they can grant a subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle.
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Service, Online service, Funeral, Burial, Death

Burial; registration

Municipalities can stipulate in their cemetery statutes that a burial in their cemetery must be registered.

Business operation; application for continuation by a deputy

Following a trade ban, you can apply for the continuation of a business by a deputy.

Business operation; application for temporary continuation without qualified representation

You can continue a business after the death of the trader even without a qualified deputy. You must apply for permission.

Service, Funding offers Foundation, Funding database, Startup in Bavaria - Gründerportal Bayern, Guide to self-employment

Business start-ups; advice and support

You can find out about advice and funding opportunities for business founders via the "Gründerland Bayern" portal and, for example, from the district administrative authorities.


Care and support for the child in emergency situations; applying for support

There are situations in which a parent who is primarily responsible for the child's care is absent for health or other compelling reasons (e.g. childbirth, rehabilitation measures, imprisonment).
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Service, Online service, ECRIS, European Criminal Records Information System

Certificate of good conduct; application for a European Certificate of Good Conduct

The European Certificate of Good Conduct does not have to be applied for. When a certificate of good conduct is issued to nationals of other EU Member States, the entries in the criminal record of the Member State of origin are recorded in full.


Child daycare facilities; notification of opening, imminent closure, staff notification and special incidents

The provider of a facility requiring a permit must comply with the reporting obligations to the competent authority in accordance with Section 47 SGB VIII.

Child daycare; notification of childcare without an operating license

Childcare services for a maximum of 10 hours per week or care for individual children for no longer than 5 hours per week do not require an operating license, but must still be registered with the youth welfare office.

Civic engagement; consulting

Citizens who would like to volunteer can obtain advice from volunteer agencies, volunteer centers and civic engagement coordination centers throughout Bavaria.


Civil protection fund; application for reimbursement of operational costs for disaster management

The Free State of Bavaria grants subsidies to compensate for operational costs in defensive civil protection.

Civil protection; warning the population

If necessary, the security and disaster control authorities warn the population likely to be affected by a disaster or large-scale hazard situation and, if necessary, issue instructions on what to do.


Civil-military cooperation; information on the vote

The term civil-military cooperation describes the cooperation between military and civilian forces in various areas.


Classified information; municipal affairs

Information and documents that require confidentiality are referred to as "classified information". The district administrative authorities are responsible for the proper handling of classified information within their area of responsibility.


Culture prize; award ceremony

Counties and independent cities can award cultural prizes to deserving personalities in cultural life.

Service, Locked facility, detention room, Deportation, deportation and refoulement, Deprivation of liberty

Deprivation of liberty under the Family Law Procedure Act; application

In certain cases regulated by law, the court orders measures involving deprivation of liberty to protect public safety and order at the request of the competent administrative authority.

Service, Outpatient care services, Municipal survey, Municipal care planning, Determination of care requirements, Senior citizen survey, Senior citizens' assistance planning, Overall concept for senior citizens, Inpatient long-term care facilities, outpatient assisted living communities, Day care

Determination of care requirements; transmission of data

Surveys are carried out to determine the need for fully inpatient, semi-inpatient and outpatient care facilities. The existing care facilities are determined and future requirements are calculated.


District home preservation; information on the preservation and care of local cultural assets

Officially appointed, full-time or voluntary local heritage officers (district local heritage officers, town local heritage officers) are dedicated to the diverse tasks of local heritage preservation in the districts and independent towns.


District home preservation; information on the preservation of folk music and folk dance

The preservation of folk music, song and dance is part of the preservation of local history. In many places, the preservation and research of folk music is the task of the local heritage caretakers. In some cases, additional folk music caretakers have been appointed in the municipalities.

Service, Driver's license application

Driver's license; submission of the driver's license application to the municipality

You can also submit your driver's license application to your local authority (of residence).

Driving instructor examination; application for approval

Applicants for the driving instructor license are admitted to the driving instructor test under certain conditions.

Service, Driving instructor license, Driving license, Learner driver training

Driving instructor license; application for recognition of a foreign professional qualification

Would you like to work as a driving instructor in Germany? Then you need a driving instructor license. You can also obtain a driving instructor's license in Germany with a professional qualification from abroad if you meet the legal requirements.

Service, Passenger transportation ticket, FzF, Passenger transportation, Passenger transport license, P-certificate

Driving license for passenger transport; application

Special regulations apply to the driving of cabs, rental cars, ambulances, passenger cars in scheduled services and for commercial excursions and vacation trips. An additional driving license for passenger transport may be required here.

Service, Passenger transportation ticket, FzF, Passenger transportation, Passenger transport license, P-certificate

Driving license for passenger transport; application for renewal

The driver's license to carry passengers is issued for a maximum of five years and can be extended for up to five years at the holder's request.

Driving license; application due to expiry of validity

The validity of the new driving licenses will be limited to 15 years. The time limit only applies to the document, not the driving license itself.

Service, 125cc driver's license, A-Classes, Three-wheeled, Three-wheeled motor vehicles, Three-wheeled motor vehicle, First grant, Driving license, Driver's license, Large motorcycle license, Displacement, Small motorcycle license, Moped, Mopeds, Motorcycle, Motorcycles, Light vehicles, Moped, Motorcycle, Quad, Scooter, Trike, four-wheeled, two-wheeled

Driving license; application for category AM, A1, A2 or A

This service description is currently being revised.
Service, First grant, Driving license, Forestry, Tractor driving license, Large tractor driver's license, Class T, Agriculture, Tugboat, Tractor driver's license, Tractor

Driving license; application for category T

This service description is currently being revised.

Driving school branch license; application

Driving school owners who operate branches of their driving school require a branch permit.
Service, Driving instructor license, Driving school license

Driving school license; application

Anyone who trains learner drivers as an independent driving instructor or has them trained by driving instructors employed by them requires a driving school license.

Early help; information, advice and assistance

A wide range of services are provided to give children a good start in life.
Service, Advice on location issues, Commercial space and real estate, Information events, Creation of new jobs, Location development

Economic development; information on municipal funding opportunities

Districts and municipalities can support investment projects by foreign or domestic investors in the region.


Educational counseling centers; application for funding

The Free State of Bavaria supports around 180 educational counseling centers nationwide (including branch offices and external consultation hours).

Emergency nutritional care; information

Ensuring an adequate supply of food for the population is a priority task of the state's food security policy. This is divided into food security and food provision.
Service, External emergency planning

Emergency planning; creation of external emergency plans

As part of preventive disaster control, the district administrative authorities draw up alarm and deployment plans for certain hazardous incident operations on the basis of corresponding operator information.


Employment permit; application

If you are a foreigner in possession of a tolerated stay permit or are in an ongoing asylum procedure and would like to take up employment, you must apply for an employment permit from the foreigners authority responsible for you.


Entry permit; application

You can apply for an entry permit. This has the effect of temporarily suspending the entry and residence ban.

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Entry, transit, export and intra-Community movements in accordance with animal health and foodstuffs legislation; application for a permit

If you wish to import or transport animals, animal products or goods that may be carriers of infectious agents through Germany, you must apply for a permit.

Service, Emission standard, Exhaust pollutants, Exhaust gas standards, Euro standard, Apply for a fine dust sticker, Ozone badge, Ozone badge, Particle emissions, Particle-reduced vehicles, Apply for an environmental badge

Environmental badge; purchase

Only vehicles that meet certain minimum requirements in terms of pollutant emissions are allowed to drive in the designated environmental zones. To prove this, the vehicle must have a corresponding environmental badge, also known as a fine dust badge.

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Service, Online service, European firearms pass extension, European firearms pass, Extension EFP, Apply for an EU firearms pass extension, Carrying weapons, Carrying weapons, Use of weapons in the EU, Use of weapons in a Member State

European firearms pass; application for an extension

If your European firearms pass expires, you must have it extended.
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Service, Online service, Working in Europe, Professional recognition abroad, Professional qualification

European Professional Card; application

If you wish to pursue your profession temporarily or permanently in another European country, you will be issued with a European Professional Card upon application in an electronic procedure for the recognition of your professional qualification in another EU country.

Service, Register Event Registration Event

Event room; notification of temporary use

You must report an event with more than 200 visitors that is only to be held temporarily in a room that is not approved as an assembly room.


Facade prize; award ceremony

Districts and independent cities can award a façade prize for particularly successful new buildings, renovations and conversions.

Family planning; application for municipal funding

Municipalities can provide financial assistance for family planning (e.g. from the family planning fund).
Service, Seven

Field jurors; commissioning

Field jurors are involved in the marking of boundaries in the locality (demarcation). Field jurors can be requested by property owners or ordered by the mayor.


Fire department badge of honor as an award for length of service; submission of a proposal

Individuals who have been involved with the volunteer fire department or a plant fire department over a long period of time can be honored with a state award - the Fire Brigade Decoration of Honor.
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Fire department; course registration

Bavaria's state fire department schools offer firefighters various training courses. The course administration is carried out by the district administrative authority. The governments allocate training places to the districts and independent cities.


Fire department; examination and forwarding of deployment reports

The fire departments compile operational reports on every firefighting and technical assistance operation.
Service, Operator, Fire protection department, Fire department, Fire department regulations (FwDv), Fire department regulations (FwDv), Organizer, Event, Ordinance on Places of Assembly

Fire safety watch; recognition of own forces

The "fire protection service" may recognize the operator of a place of assembly's own staff (or service providers) as fire safety guards.

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Firearms license; application

If you want to carry a firearm in public, you must first apply for a firearms license.

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Service, Online service, Weapons subject to authorization, Carrying weapons, Weapon in public, Extend gun license, Carry weapon

Firearms license; application for an extension

If your firearms license expires, you must have it renewed.

Fisheries wardens; application for appointment

Fishing rights holders, fishing leaseholders and fishing cooperatives can apply for the appointment of a person as a fisheries supervisor.
Service, EC trade, Food business operator registration, Registration food business

Food businesses; application for EU approval when handling products of animal origin

Meat, poultry meat and dairy farms as well as other businesses that handle products of animal origin generally require EU approval. With the approval, the establishment is also issued the required approval number.


Freedom of information; request for information from a Bavarian authority

You can obtain information about the content of files and records of public authorities.

Full-time care; application for a care permit

Anyone who wants to take in a child or young person in their household for the day and night, i.e. in full-time care, is referred to as a caregiver and requires a so-called care permit.

Service, § 33d GewO, Other game, Game of skill, Gambling, Entertainment games

Games with the possibility of winning; application for a permit for the event

If you want to organize commercial games with the possibility of winning (e.g. games of skill), you need a permit from the competent authority.

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Green gun ownership card for heirs; application

If you have inherited weapons and/or ammunition, you must apply for a permit for continued possession of the weapons from the relevant weapons authority within one month.


Health reporting; monitoring and evaluation of health conditions

The State Office for Health and Food Safety, the governments and the district administrative authorities monitor and report on the health conditions of people.

Hiking camp; advertisement

If you wish to organize a travelling camp for the distribution of goods or services, you must notify the authority responsible for the location of the event two weeks before the event begins.

Hospital care; safeguarding

The rural districts and independent cities must guarantee hospital care for their citizens.

Service, Monitoring the structural condition of buildings, Monitoring the structural condition of apartments, Declaration of uninhabitability, Housing shortages

Housing supervision; elimination of housing defects

The municipalities can take on the task of housing supervision on their own responsibility and support tenants in the elimination of housing defects.
Service, Relocation, move, Change of location, Change of address, Change address

Identity card, passport and eID card; applying for a change of address or place of residence

If you move, you are obliged to have your ID card, passport or eID card (for EU nationals) updated.


Identity card; notification of loss and recovery

If your German ID card cannot be found or has been lost, you must report the loss. If you find the document again later, you must also report this.


Independent youth welfare organization; application for recognition

Legal persons and associations of persons in the field of youth welfare can have themselves recognized as independent youth welfare organizations in order to be able to participate in youth welfare committees or working groups according to § 78 SGB VIII in the future.


Information from the population register; request for self-disclosure from the population register

Upon request, you will receive information about the data stored about you in the residents' register.
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Service, Online service, Display blocking system Weapons, Display blocked weapons, Weapons blocking system, Inherited weapons

Inherited weapons; notification of the installation of a blocking system

If you need to have your inherited firearms blocked, you must report this to the relevant firearms authority.
Service, Crew members, Inland skipper, Inland navigation, Captain, Registration office, Obligation to report, Shipowner, Seafarers

Inland navigation operators and seafarers; registration

If you are moving to an inland waterway vessel, you must register. As the owner of an ocean-going vessel, you must register and deregister the captain and crew members.


Intra-Community trade in certain animals and animal products; application for approval of a holding

You must apply for approval for your business if you wish to trade commercially with animals, breeding material and/or animal products within the EU.


Items owned by the municipality; rental

Items belonging to the municipality can be lent out.


Juleica; application

This service description is currently being revised.
Service, Agricultural land, Ownership, Property, Country, Land lease, Agricultural area, report, Lease, lease, Tenant, Tenant, Lease agreement, lease, Lessor, Lessor

Land lease agreement; notification of conclusion

This service description is currently being revised.

Land; prohibition on entering and driving on

The municipalities and districts can temporarily prohibit access to inhabited or uninhabited properties or certain areas as part of hazard prevention.

Service, Registration certificate, Misuse of residential addresses, Landlord certificate, Landlord registration certificate

Landlord's confirmation of residence; submission

If you move into a new apartment, you will need confirmation from your landlord that you have moved in. You must present this to the registration office each time you register.

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Service, Online service, Dimensions, Axle loads, Total weights, High-capacity transports, Load, Long transports, Heavy haulage, Field of vision, Road use, VEMAGS

Large and heavy transports; application for a permit or exemption

A permit is required for the movement of vehicles whose dimensions, axle loads or total weights exceed the limits generally permitted by law or whose design does not provide the driver with a sufficient field of vision.


License plates; notification in the event of theft, loss or discovery

If you have lost one or both of your vehicle's license plates, if they have been stolen or if they are no longer legible, a new license plate must be issued.

Service, General municipal law, municipal law, Local law, Self-administration, Right of self-administration, Municipal law

Local self-government; information

The Bavarian Constitution and the Basic Law guarantee the municipalities the right to organize and administer their own affairs within the framework of the law.

Maneuver damage; application for compensation

Maneuver damage refers to damage caused by the visiting forces or the Bundeswehr in the course of their duties during maneuvers or other exercises. Injured parties are entitled to compensation.

Service, Maneuver registration, German Armed Forces, Acceptance of the exercise registration, Maneuver registration authorities, Maneuver registration, Site training area, Site training areas, Training and military training areas, Armed forces, Military training area

Maneuvers; Registration

Maneuvers by the Bundeswehr and foreign armed forces must be registered with the competent authority.

Service, Municipal council, Municipal council meeting, Minutes of the meeting

Meeting of the municipal council; preparation of minutes

Minutes must be taken of the proceedings of the municipal council.

Modernization and repair requirement; arrangement

Municipalities can impose a modernization or repair requirement if a building has defects or deficiencies that can be remedied by appropriate measures.


Mothers' and fathers' centers; application for funding

The Free State of Bavaria supports the operation of a mothers' and fathers' center.

Service, Operating license, Individual authorization

Motor vehicle; application for national individual type approval

For vehicles that are subject to type approval and for which no type approval or general operating permit (ABE) is available, the operating permit must be issued by the registration authority before the vehicle is put into operation for the first time.

Service, Car re-registration, Owner, Owner, Holder change, Vehicle re-registration, Motor vehicle, Vehicle re-registration, Car re-registration, Car re-registration, Vehicle re-registration, Change of registration, change of owner, vehicle re-registration, Car re-registration, Vehicle re-registration, Motorcycle re-registration, Registration or re-registration of motor vehicles, Trolley, Change of vehicle owner, motor vehicle

Motor vehicle; application for transfer or re-registration

In the event of a change of keeper due to sale, inheritance, gift, etc., change of residence or registered office or after decommissioning, the vehicle must be transferred to its new keeper or re-registered in the name of the previous keeper or the keeper data must be corrected.

Motor vehicle; information on vehicle registration

With a few exceptions, motor vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than six kilometers per hour and their trailers must have an official license plate as soon as they are used on public roads.


Motor vehicle; notification of technical modifications

As the vehicle owner, you must notify the registration authority of all modifications to the vehicle that require registration, such as conversions or retrofits.


Municipal gas supply; application for a connection

You can have a house connected to the gas network.
Service, special merits, Volunteering, honorary, Certificate of honor, Field jury, Fire department, Fire department badge of honor, Order, Medal of Merit

Municipal Medal of Merit and Municipal Certificate of Thanks; submission of a proposal

Municipalities and districts can nominate people worthy of distinction for the Municipal Certificate of Thanks and the Municipal Medal of Merit in gold, silver or bronze, among other things, in response to suggestions from citizens.

Service, foreign municipalities, exchange, Municipal partnership, Municipal sponsorship, cultural exchange, Partner municipality, Partner municipalities, Partnership relationships, Twin town, Twin cities, International understanding

Municipal partnerships; maintenance

"Municipal partnerships" are partnerships between Bavarian municipalities, counties and districts with corresponding municipalities abroad. They are agreed friendship relationships between municipalities in different countries.


Municipal public facilities; enactment of user regulations

Municipalities can issue user regulations for the use of municipal facilities if these are governed by public law. This applies, for example, to museums, theaters, archives or zoos operated by a municipality.


Municipal public facilities; payment of user fees

You generally have to pay user fees for the use of public facilities, which include municipal museums, theaters, archives and zoos, for example. The specific amount of the fees is regulated in a municipal fee statute.

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Municipal sports awards; presentation of an honorary award

In recognition of outstanding achievements and special merits in sport, athletes and deserving club employees can be honored with an honorary award and certificate.

National visa; application and extension

Foreign nationals who require a visa need a national visa to enter the country for longer-term stays (over 90 days) or stays that lead to gainful employment.


Non-profit and commercial collection; advertisement

Non-profit and commercial collections of recyclable waste from private households must be reported to the district administrative authority before they are planned.
Service, special occasion

Occasional offering for sale of goods; application for a permit

If you would like to offer goods for immediate sale on a special occasion, such as a public festival, trade fair or market, you will need a permit from the competent authority. A travel trade license is not required.

Service, Occupational safety

Occupational health and safety; measures taken by the municipality

The safety and health of employees must be ensured and improved through occupational health and safety measures.

Service, Authority data, Government 2.0, OpenData, Open Data, Open Data Portal, Open Government

Open administrative data of municipalities; retrieval

A local authority can provide open administrative data via the Internet.

Outdoor fires; application for a special permit

If you wish to light an open fire (e.g. a campfire), special attention must be paid to the dangers posed by open fires. In particular, certain distances from flammable objects must be maintained.
Service, promoting forms of housing, promoting forms of housing, father-child, fathers-children, fathers-mothers-children, fathers and children, father and child

Parenting in the family; applying for care in a shared living arrangement for mothers/fathers and children

Single parents can apply for care with their child in a suitable form of accommodation.


Personal budget; application

People with disabilities can apply for a personal budget.


Pharmacy-only medicines; application for a permit for shipping

If pharmacies want to ship pharmacy-only medicines, they need a permit to do so.

Service, Adventure playground, Construction vehicle, Participation mobile, The fiery red playmobile, Experiential education, play education, Leisure activities, County tour, Mobile fields of work, Range of games, Game actions, Playground equipment, Playmobiles, Playmobile locations, Playmobile meeting

Playmobile; use

Municipalities can provide playmobiles.

Preservation of local history; appointment of a local historian

Full-time and volunteer heritage conservationists, public institutions and associations organize heritage conservation. Local cultural preservation is the responsibility of the local authorities. They appoint local heritage officers for their area.


Professional supervisor; application for registration

If you would like to work as a professional caregiver, you must register.

Protection of cultural property; labeling of cultural property

According to the Hague Convention, cultural property of outstanding value should also be protected in the event of armed conflict.

Protection of minors; information

Protective regulations apply to children and young people.

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Service, Online service

Red weapons possession card for weapons or ammunition collectors; application

If you want to collect weapons and/or ammunition, you must apply for a permit from the relevant weapons authority.
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Service, Online service

Red weapons possession card for weapons or ammunition experts; application

If you wish to acquire and possess weapons and/or ammunition in order to test, inspect or examine them, you must apply for a permit from the relevant weapons authority.


Rent index; transmission of data

In larger cities and municipalities, randomly selected landlords and tenants are asked to provide information on the type, size, fixtures and fittings and condition of their home for the purpose of compiling the rent index.

Rental car permit; application

You need a rental car permit if you want to transport people commercially with rental cars. This does not refer to the rental of vehicles to self-drivers.
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Service, Online service, Representative for the disabled, local heritage officer, Community representatives, Municipal representatives, Municipal representative, municipal representative, Youth representative, senior citizen representative, Municipal representatives

Representative of the municipality; appointment or election

Municipal representatives are persons who perform a special function in the municipal area.
Service, Medical director, Automated external defibrillation in Bavaria, Bavarian Rescue Services Act (BayRDG), Integrated control centers, Patient transportation, ambulance, Emergency doctor, Emergency patients, Emergency rescue, emergency numbers bavaria, Patient transport, Rescue service, Rescue control center

Rescue services; safeguarding the public rescue service

The rescue service includes emergency rescue, medically assisted patient transport, patient transportation, patient repatriation, mountain and cave rescue and water rescue.


Residence permit; deregistration of an employment relationship requiring notification

This service description is currently being revised.
Service, disabled, Supervisor, Support, Hospital, Registration office, Obligation to report, in need of care, Nursing home, Rehabilitation

Residence; registration of stay in hospitals, homes or similar facilities

If you are admitted to a hospital, nursing home or other facility for the care of people in need of care or disabled people or for home education, you do not have to register as long as you are registered for a residence in Germany.


Restaurant business; notification of continuation after the death of the owner

After the death of a trader, a privileged group of people can continue the restaurant business. This must be reported to the competent authority


Rights of access; advice and support in exercising these rights

Children and young people, parents, other persons with rights of access and persons in whose care the child is located can receive advice and support in exercising their rights of access.
Service, Bladenight, Events, Carnival parade, Leisure events, Foot marches, Inline skating, Marathon run, Markets, motor sport events with motorcycles, Motorsport events, use, Utilization, Classic car events, Processions, Bike race, Ralley, Racing with motor vehicles, Relay races, Street festivals, Roadblocks, Traditional events, Triathlon events, Relocation, Removals, fun run, Fun runs, People's march, People's marches, Popular cycling, Popular hiking, Pilgrimage, Register Event Registration Event

Road use; application for a permit for an event

If you wish to hold an event on a road, you must apply for a permit for excessive road use.

Service, Childcare, look after, Children, Parents, Childminder, Childminder, Childminders, Day care

Self-organized support for children; advice and support

Mothers, fathers and other legal guardians who want to organize the support of children themselves should be advised and supported.

Shooting plans; preparation, confirmation, determination and monitoring of compliance

Cloven-hoofed game (with the exception of wild boar), capercaillie, black grouse and racket deer as well as seals may only be shot on the basis of and within the framework of a shooting plan, insofar as hunting seasons have been set for these game species.


Shooting sports; application for an exemption from the age requirement for children and young people

If your child is under the age of 12 and has a talent for shooting, you must apply to the relevant authority for a special permit if they wish to shoot at shooting ranges.

Service, Sign language, Help for the deaf

Sign language in administrative proceedings; application for reimbursement of costs

Parties to administrative proceedings can apply for reimbursement of the costs of sign language interpreters and communication assistants.

Service, Social assistance

Social housing promotion; advice outside of projects

The locally responsible district administrative authority (district administration office or independent city) advises on financing and planning of housing in the district as an advisory and approval office for social housing promotion.

Special fund for the coronavirus pandemic; application for reimbursement of operational costs for disaster management during the coronavirus pandemic

The Free State of Bavaria will reimburse the bay. municipalities and voluntary aid organizations for the operational costs they incurred during the disaster relief operation from 11 Nov 2021 up to and including 11 May 2022 to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and the so-called "Ukraine crisis".


State award; submission of a proposal

Any citizen can propose the awarding of an honor, a medal or an award from the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Republic of Germany to a deserving person.

Service, Thunderstorm warning, swim, Float, sail, Sailor, Storm warning, surf, Surfer, Forewarning, Water sports enthusiasts

Storm warning service on Bavarian lakes; organization

On larger Bavarian lakes, water sports enthusiasts are warned of strong winds and storms with visual warning signals or in other ways.
Service, Serving self-produced wine

Straußwirtschaft; Advertisement

If you wish to operate a wine tavern, you must notify the responsible municipality at least two weeks before the start of operation.

Street cleaning fees; collection

To cover the costs associated with street cleaning and winter road maintenance, the municipalities can levy charges.

Street cleaning; implementation

The purpose of street cleaning is to keep the road network of cities and municipalities clean and ensure that it is passable and accessible.
Service, Students, Student digs, Student residences, Student housing promotion, Students, Halls of residence for students, Housing promotion

Student housing; application for funding

The state supports the creation and maintenance of student housing with funds from public budgets.

Service, Income tax return, Annual tax returns, Tax return forms, Tax documents, Forms for tax returns

Tax return; provision of forms

The tax administration provides forms and instructions for completing tax returns and forms for other tax matters.

Service, Caravan, Caravan, Tents, Campsite

Tent camps; application for a permit for temporary construction

Anyone wishing to set up a camp for more than three tents for a short period (maximum two months) requires permission from the municipality.
Service, advise, Tourism, Guided tours, inform, Museums, Museum, Places of interest, City, urban

Tourism; advice and information

Municipalities and administrative districts can inform and advise citizens and guests about tourism offers.

Service, Tourism, Media relations, PR, Public Relations

Tourism; media and public relations

Municipalities and administrative districts can perform tasks within the scope of tourism media and public relations work.
Service, Spa tax, Spa fee, Tourist tax

Tourist tax and visitor's tax; payment

The spa contribution can be levied in the recognized health resorts, climatic health resorts and recreational resorts from persons staying there for spa and recreational purposes. The basis for this is a municipal spa contribution statute. A spa tax is levied in the Bavarian state spas.

Service, Bavaria tourist tax, foreign transport contribution bavaria

Tourist tax; payment

In tourist communities, the tourism contribution is levied on self-employed persons who derive economic benefits from tourism. The basis for this is the municipality's tourism contribution statutes.

Trade fairs; Information

Trade fairs are an important marketing tool and a key driver of national and international trade in goods and services.


Trade law; information on administrative offenses

Crafts law is regulated in the Crafts Code. Among other things, it contains provisions on professional licensing, professional practice, vocational training in the skilled trades and the tasks of skilled trades organizations. The responsibilities for administrative offenses are regulated separately.
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Transportation of animals abroad; registration

For the transportation of livestock or equidae and for travel with equidae to another Member State or a third country, registration with the locally competent veterinary office is required.

Travel documents for children; notification of loss and recovery

If the German children's passport cannot be found or has been lost, you must report the loss. If you find the document again later, you must also report this.


Travel facilitation for pupils; application for a collection list

If you are going on a school trip with pupils, they can also enter a country of the European Union and some other countries without a visa or passport using the collection list.


Traveling camps; notification by non-EU citizens

If you wish to organize a travelling camp for the distribution of goods or services, you must notify the authority responsible for the location of the event two weeks before the event begins.
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Ukraine crisis; information on aid

You can find out what help you can best provide and register local offers of assistance.


Ukraine crisis; self-reporting by refugees

If you wish to stay in Bavaria longer than your residence status allows or if you need help now or at a later date (e.g. accommodation, food, medical care), you must be registered.


Undeclared work; information on combating it

Undeclared work distorts competition, jeopardizes the existence of small and medium-sized enterprises and destroys jobs. The public purse suffers considerable losses in taxes and social security contributions.

Service, Redevelopment permit, Approval under redevelopment law

Urban redevelopment measure; application for approval

In the formally defined redevelopment area, you generally require a permit for activities in connection with the property.

Service, Dealer license plate

Vehicle license plates; application for a red license plate for test and transfer drives

Test drives and transfer journeys with motor vehicles can be carried out with red license plates.

Vehicle license plates; applying for a green license plate

Green license plates are issued for tax-exempt vehicles.


Vehicle license plates; applying for an e-license plate

With the e-license plate, you can use specially marked parking spaces or drive on streets approved for this purpose. The vehicle must be a purely electric vehicle or meet special requirements as a hybrid vehicle.


Vehicle license plates; applying for an interchangeable license plate

Under certain conditions, two vehicles can be registered with one license plate.

Vehicle license plates; information

The vehicle registration number (vehicle license plate), also known colloquially as the license plate, is assigned to the vehicle by the registration authority (vehicle registration office).
Service, Information from the vehicle register, Information from the local vehicle register, Vehicle registration information

Vehicle register; application for holder information

Information can be provided from the vehicle register (keeper information) if there is a need to pursue legal claims for traffic-related reasons.
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Service, Online service, official veterinary health certificate, Animal health certificate, Animal health certificate

Veterinary certificate for animals; application

If you move live animals in intra-Community trade to another EU Member State, you will need a veterinary certificate for them.

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Voluntary municipal service; application

In selected areas, you can apply for a voluntary benefit from local authorities.
Service, Garbage

Waste disposal facilities; application for the implementation of a planning approval or plan approval procedure

As a rule, a planning approval procedure under waste law, including an environmental impact assessment, must be carried out to approve the construction and operation or significant modification of landfills.

Water and ice hazard; averting

If urgent precautions are necessary to avert the danger of water, ice and mudslides, the neighboring municipalities are obliged to support the threatened municipality to the best of their ability and at their own expense.


Water register; request for inspection or information

If you require information on water rights, you can apply to inspect the water register or request information from the water register.

Service, Garden connection; property connection; house connection; drinking water quality;, Hygiene regulations; compulsory connection and use; drinking water hygiene, Water supply pipeline, water supply contributions, water supply charges;

Water supply; safeguarding

The public supply of drinking water to households as a service of general interest is provided by the municipalities, municipal companies (water supply companies) or municipal special-purpose associations.

Weapons and ammunition; application for a permit to take them into, through or out of the Federal Republic of Germany

If you want to temporarily take weapons or ammunition from Germany abroad, temporarily take them to Germany or take them through Germany, you need a permit.

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Service, Online service, Application for club WBK, Application for gun ownership, Application for gun ownership card for clubs, Shooting club, Apply for a club WBK, Acquire a weapon

Weapons possession card; application for a shooting club

If you want to acquire and possess weapons and/or ammunition as a shooting club, you must apply for a permit from the relevant weapons authority.

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Weapons possession card; application for hunting association

If you wish to acquire and possess weapons and/or ammunition as a hunting association, you must apply for a permit from the relevant weapons authority.

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Weapons, ammunition or permit certificates; notification of loss

If you have lost a weapon, ammunition or a weapons permit, such as a weapons possession card or a weapons license, you must report this immediately to the relevant weapons authority.

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Weapons; application for a pre-entry with existing green gun possession card for individual person

If you already have a firearms possession card (WBK) and wish to purchase another firearm requiring a permit, you must apply for this.
Service, Permit entry WBK, Permission to purchase weapons, Acquisition of weapons Hunting associations, Pre-entry WBK hunting associations

Weapons; application for a pre-registration with existing weapon possession card for hunting association

If you, as a hunting association, have a firearms possession card (WBK) and wish to purchase a firearm requiring a permit, you must apply for this.
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Service, Online service, Permit entry WBK, Permission to purchase weapons, Association, Pre-entry WBK club

Weapons; application for a preliminary entry for an existing gun possession card for a shooting club

If you already have a firearms possession card (WBK) as a shooting club and wish to acquire an additional firearm requiring a permit, you must apply for this.
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Service, Online service, Change WBK, Display transfer of ammunition, Display transfer of weapons, Transfer of weapons subject to authorization, Leave ammunition

Weapons; notification of the transfer of a weapon or ammunition requiring a permit

If you as a citizen transfer weapons and/or ammunition that require a permit, you must notify the competent authority within two weeks.
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Weapons; reporting a weapon that has been rendered unusable or destroyed

If you have had your weapons rendered unusable or destroyed, you must report this within two weeks.

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Wine transports; application for the issue of accompanying documents

If you are transporting more than 60 liters of a non-bottled wine product, you need a wine accompanying document for each transport.
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Yellow gun possession card for individual marksmen; application

If you are a member of a shooting club, you can apply for an unlimited permit to purchase certain types of weapons (yellow gun ownership card).


Youth work; utilization of services

Young people can take advantage of youth work offers.